Dr. Ramon Goings' Publications


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Refereed Journal Articles

Goings, R. B., & Sewell, C. P. (2019). Outside connections matter: Reflections on the college choice process for gifted Black students from New York City. The High School Journal, 102(3), 189–209.

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Guest Refereed Journal Editorships

Young, M., & Goings, R. B. (Eds.) (In Progress). The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA):
Multicultural Perspectives from the Field. Teachers College Record. (TCR Yearbook 2018 publication date).

Goings, R. B., & Bonner, F. A., II. (Eds.) (2017). Disrupting the Narrative: High-achieving
African American males in higher education. Journal of African American Males in Education, 8(1).

Goings, R. B., Hilton, A. A., & Mitchell, D. (Eds.) (2016). Multicultural Perspectives in Science,
Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Higher Education. Journal for Multicultural Education, 10(2).

Book Chapters

Goings, R. B., & Walker, L. J. (in press). Nurturing the scholar identity of Black males:
Disrupting the myth of Black male inferiority. In F. D. Beachum, & F. E. Obiakor (Eds.), Improving educational outcomes of vulnerable children: Starting from the bottom. Svedala, Sweden: Oakleaf Books.

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Palmer, R.T., Maramba, D. C., Ozuna, T., & Goings, R. B. (2015). From matriculation to
engagement on campus: Delineating the experiences of Latino/a students at a public HBCU: Implications for practice and future research. In R.T. Palmer, R. Shorette, & M. Gasman (Eds.), Exploring diversity at historically Black colleges and universities: Implications for policy and practice (pp. 67–78). New Directions for Higher Education. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Book Reviews

Goings, R. B. & Walker, L.J. (2015). [Review of the book Raised up down yonder: Growing up
Black in rural Alabama, by A.M. Howell]. The Journal of Negro Education, 84(4), 609-610.

Editor-Reviewed Publications
Goings, R. B. (in press). Don’t our participants deserve more?: Reflections from one member
check. Commission on Community, Minority, & Non-Formal Education Newsletter.

Goings, R. B., & Bonner, F. A., II. (2017). High-Achieving Black Males in higher education:
Introduction to the special issue. Journal of African American Males in Education, 8(1), 1–5. (Editorial)

Goings, R. B. (2016). What if Leo didn’t have a Dr. Goings in His Life? Advocating against the
over-referral of Black boys into special education. DDEL Voices, 6(3), 7. Available Online: https://higherlogicdownload.s3.amazonaws.com/SPED/93b2239a-b8b1-43e2-bca7-a6ded35ad39a/UploadedImages/DDEL%20VOICES%20Volume%206%20Issue%203%20.pdf

Walker, L. J., Palmer. R. T., & Goings, R. B. (2016). HBCUs offer a great return on investment
for graduate students. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education (Summer 2016 issue).

Goings, R. B. (2015, November 25). 5 Strategies for Surviving and Thriving During Your
Dissertation. Inside Higher Ed. Available Online: https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2015/11/25/how-survive-and-thrive-during-dissertation-process-essay

Walker, L. J., & Goings, R. B. (2015, October 22). New regulation could impact teacher ed
programs at MSIs. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. Available Online: http://diverseeducation.com/article/78537/

Goings, R. B. (2015, September 17). Diversifying the STEM teacher workforce in Maryland.
Education Week. Available Online: http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/classroom_qa_with_larry_ferlazzo/2015/09/response_what_universities_are_doing_to_recruit_teachers_of_color.html

Goings, R. B. (2015, August 7). Increasing the representation of African American medical
doctors: A call to action. The Edvocate. Available Online: http://www.theedadvocate.org/increasing-the-representation-of-african-american-male-medical-doctors-a-call-to-action/

Goings, R. B. (2015, June 2). Ensuring non-traditional Black student success at HBCUs: A
researcher’s reflection. Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) Unplugged. Available Online:http://msisunplugged.com/2015/06/02/ensuring-non-traditional-black-student-success-at-hbcus-a-researchers-reflection/

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growth mindset. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. Available online: http://diverseeducation.com/article/67828/

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education. The Young Black Experience Magazine, 5, 24-26.

Goings, R. B. (2014). #Eduplift: Supporting Black male educational excellence. Living
Education eMagazine, 17-20, (Invited).

Goings, R. B. (2013). Response to supreme court decision on voting rights act. U.S. Department
of Education Blog. Available Online: http://www.ed.gov/edblogs/whieeaa/2013/08/response-to-supreme-court-decision-on-voting-rights-act/

Technical/Evaluation Reports

Goings, R. B. (2017). Baltimore County Public Schools Office of College and Career Readiness
Male Mentoring Program evaluation.

Goings, R. B. (2017). Teach to Lead Ignite Principal Coaching Program Evaluation.