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A selection of Dr. Goings’ latest appearances in the media.

Dissertation Advice for Students

Interfolio  |  August 23, 2019

“With the beginning of the fall semester approaching (or beginning for some) this is an exciting time for doctoral students who are currently writing their dissertations. For those who are further along in the process, you are starting to plan potential dates for your proposal and complete dissertation defense. For those just starting out, now is the time to visit with your advisor and start to map out your dissertation journey. I have several years experience serving as a dissertation coach, so I wanted to provide some advice about how to navigate the dissertation process.”

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Preparing for the challenges of the job market

Interfolio  |  August 6, 2018

“In my last blog post I provided tips on how to stay organized on the job market. Now that you have created your system to keep track of the positions you apply for, I want to focus on the challenges you may encounter when on the job market. Below I provide three challenges to consider and potential solutions as you prepare for your job hunt.”

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Can We Stop Telling Faculty to Only Focus on Writing for Scholarly Outlets?

Diverse Issues in Higher Education  |  June 12, 2018

“While I do not expect the academy to change, I think as scholars we can shift how we disseminate our research. More importantly, for many scholars like myself whose work is centered on impacting underserved communities, we cannot afford for our work to just live in scholarly outlets that very few or only academics will read. It needs to be shared with practitioners and policy makers who can use it to impact policy and practice.”

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Response: Ways to Build Partnerships Between Teachers & Researchers

Education Week: Teacher  |  June 4, 2018

“…when I visit schools I am surprised by the disconnect between education researchers and K-12 school based educators. After many discussions I have come to the conclusion that at the crux of the disconnect are differences in values that undergird researchers and school-based educator’s jobs. For instance, researchers are immersed in the latest theories about what is happening in school settings and are rewarded when espousing these theoretical concepts in academic journals. In contrast, some school based educators are tasked with providing a rigorous educational experience for all children notwithstanding limited access to resources.

Despite this disconnect, I believe there is value in the experiences of each group.”

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Three under-appreciated skills for scholars seeking academic positions

Interfolio  |  April 12, 2018

“Since competition on the academic job market shows no sign of letting up, there has been increased conversation about the skill sets and tools needed to secure a job. For those seeking faculty positions, there is the sage advice of ensuring that you have:

  • Published in respected refereed venues
  • Crafted a strong cover letter and CV that showcases your abilities
  • Established meaning relationship with colleagues in your discipline

While these skills are important, there are other less defined skills and knowledge that are critical to success in landing your perfect job.

Below are three under-appreciated skills that scholars seeking academic positions should cultivate…”

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AAC&U Annual Meeting Addresses Evolving Role of Higher Education

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education  |  January 25, 2018

“Centering around the theme “Can Higher Education Recapture the Elusive Dream?” institutional administrators and other education leaders gathered at the 104th annual meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) to discuss higher education’s role in helping students achieve the “American dream” despite emerging discourse that the two are disconnected.”

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Efforts to Discourage Black Colleges’ Growth Would Harm Underserved Economies

The Hechinger Report  |  January 23, 2018

“Historically black colleges and universities have encountered criticism from pundits who suggest they are no longer relevant.

These critics fail to recognize that the economic impact of HBCUs is significant.

Economic growth is critical to ensuring Americans have the resources to save…”

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The High Cost of Opportunity: Paying for Academic Conferences

Diverse: Issues in Higher Education  |  January 16, 2018

“Graduate students and untenured faculty have long mourned the prohibitive costs associated with academic conferences. On top of registration fees, attendees must factor in transportation, lodging and food. While some secure institutional support, others are left to fend for themselves….”

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Scholar Ramon Goings: No Time Like Present to Return to School

Diverse Issues in Higher Education  |  February 1, 2017

“‘More and more Black boys who looked like me were being pushed into special education,’ says Goings, who eventually went back to school and then became certified to teach special education.

Increasingly frustrated and concerned by this dilemma, Goings encountered barriers from administrators who, he says, often placed Black boys into special education and kept them there because of funding purposes…

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BSU researcher leads study on STEM programs for black male youth

BSYou Newsletter  |  October 11, 2017

“A Bowie State University educational researcher, working with a professor at Morgan State University, will lead a team of faculty to develop insights on the long-term impact of pipeline programs that encourage black male youth to pursue careers in engineering and technology, which could be used to develop effective engagement strategies in the classroom. A $249,000, two-year National Science Foundation (NSF) grant will fund the group’s work…”

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OPINION: We must acknowledge the connection between race, trauma and mental health

The Hechinger Report  |  September 28, 2017

“Mental illness is an issue that affects the lives of Americans regardless of their ethnicity, race, income or geographic location. But some groups encounter environmental stressors including trauma that have a negative impact on their overall well-being…

Black and white students continue to have divergent experiences, post-Brown v. Board of Education...”

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America’s Extreme Need for More Black Male Educators

EBONY  |  January 27, 2016

“‘But much to the dismay of the educational community, the nation still struggles to ensure a growing multicultural student body has access to educators who have similar cultural backgrounds. Today, majority-minority school districts (Pre K-12) and colleges and universities have failed to recruit and retain Black men as educators…”

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Lunch & Lead with Ramon Goings ’04

New Canaan Patch  |  November 2, 2017

“St. Luke’s School recently welcomed alumni Ramon Goings ’04 back to the Hilltop to lead a discussion in the Center for Leadership’s Lunch & Lead Speaker Series. Ramon traveled to SLS from the University of Maryland Baltimore County where he currently serves as the Program Coordinator for the Sherman STEM Scholars Program. Prior to working with UMBC, Ramon served as a Music and Special Education teacher in various Maryland and Connecticut public school systems…”

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Stories of Impact: UMBC Diversifying STEM Teacher Workforce

Ed Prep Matters blog  |  November 10, 2015

“UMBC is equally committed to developing STEM teachers of color for Maryland’s PK-12 classrooms, says Ramon Goings, coordinator of the Sherman program and a doctoral candidate in urban educational leadership at nearby Morgan State University. The Sherman program is a successful manifestation of that commitment…”

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